Phone Case Dual Pokemon Go Plus Mod DIY

I am currently running 2 accounts of Pokemon Go on my Xiaomi Mi6 using MIUI’s “Split Screen” and “Dual Apps”. Also, I am using 2 Pokemon Go Pluses to automatically spin pokestops or catch pokemons.

But constantly reminding myself to carry PG pluses and keeping them near my phone was quite annoying, and the annoyingness grew big enough for me to mod my PG pluses.

Acknowledgement: The original concept of the “Phone Case Mod” was developed by Pokemon Go User Ramus9.

Opened up my Pokemon Go Plus

You need a medium-sized phillips screwdriver and also a quite rare tripoint screwdriver (often called TP head or Y-screw) to open up the case. You won’t need the case anymore so if you have trouble acquiring a TP screwdriver, you can just break-open the case.

Also, if you are looking for thin, insulated wires “Wrapping wire” is what you are looking for. ex:

Blue points: connect two points for the “Autocatch Mod”
Red thing: remove to make flat enough to fit in the phonecase

I’ve had my PG+ Autocatch Mod done already, so in case you are trying to do it, get rid of the vibration motor and just connect the two dots with a wire and you’re done.
I’m not sure what the red thing is doing (probably just a structure to support, I guess). In order to make the circuit board flat enough to fit in the phone case, I simply removed it with a set of pliers.

Made flat now.
Remove the prominent pieces.

Now let’s flip over. The poles that connect to the battery are sticking out. I used nippers and pliers to remove the prominent pieces.

Wires connected

Now, connect wires for the battery.

2 batteries and 2 PG+ boards embedded

I connected the batteries to the wires with a piece of aluminum foil and clear tape, since the batteries need to be replaced every few months. (Removing the vibration motor extends the battery life 3-4 times, in my experience)
Case I used:

View from the other side

I had to carve the inside of the outer plate to make more space for the batteries and PG+ boards.
Honestly, carving the silicone inner case was the toughest part of this whole operation.

Two buttons

I carved two holes on the outer plate and pegged in a piece of plastic to give access to the button. (Despite the Autocatch Mod, you still need to press the button once when you connect)

So, this is my new phone case in action!

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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