How to check MySQL slow queries in real-time

Open up your console and type in the following

watch -n 1 ‘mysqladmin -uroot -pyourbeautifulpassword “processlist”‘

This will display the queries that are currently under execution and will be refreshed every 1 second.
Get a screenshot when you find queries that you suspect to slow down your server performance.
Optimize indexing based on the slow-queries. You will be able to make a difference with no doubt!

Opening up an additional console and using “tload” is also a good way to monitor your server load.

tload -d5 -s20

This will draw you a bar-graph that will be updated every 5 seconds. Very similar to “uptime” but with more visualization.

monitoring server load with tload

server load has dramatically decreased by just a few MySQL index tweaks

This is what I got after tweaking a few indexes based on to the slow-queries.

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